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This website is provided by Members of the Uttlesford Local Group of Essex Wildlife Trust to give information about the wildlife that can be found in the rural countryside of Uttlesford District, around and between Saffron Walden, Great Dunmow and Stansted in north-west Essex. To find our reserves and other sites of interest go to Places to Visit.

Although, in common with the rest of the country, this area has suffered from the impacts of development and intensive farming, there are still many places where rare species and attractive habitats can be found. The picture in our logo is Crested Cow-wheat, and Uttlesford is now one of the last parts of the UK where this species can be found. You can read more about this species on the Saffron Walden Museum website.

Ancient woodland with Oxlips, and chalk grassland roadside verges are specialities of the area. There are also marsh sites in our river valleys, and traditional orchards, all offering opportunities to see many wildflowers including orchids.

Earth Overshoot Day
August 1st 2018 was Earth Overshoot Day

Help a Hedgehog today

Our gardens are an important habitat for Hedgehogs, which have suffered a massive population drop over the last few decades. Watch this cute video to see how to make your garden Hedgehog friendly.   And if you are driving at night and see a Hedgehog on the road in front of you, stop the car and help it get to the side of the road !

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A set of photos taken in this area to show the changing seasons.

Shadwell Wood in the Snow

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A winter day in Shadwell Wood, an Essex Wildlife Trust reserve near Ashdon. The wood is managed with a traditional coppice rotation system, cutting a small area each year, which keeps it ever changing and full of interest. © Tony Morton

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